We are so sorry that the item you bought didn't work out for you. You are welcomed to send the item back to us. 

Read our Return and Exchange Policy, plus the return instructions below to know what to do. Please note that we test every item for quality and authenticity. Your items should arrive clean and without any damages. 

Return and Exchange Policy

1. Items may only be returned for exchange. 

2. Items must be returned within 14 days of purchase. 

3. Conditions for return may only include: damage to the item which we might have missed or that is caused while the item was in transit.

4. Item size and measurements are indicated on each item. Please check these before purchasing the item. 


How to return an item

1. Call 076 562 9393 to verify the return and to make arrangements for an exchange. 

2. Should the item qualify for a return, fold, wrap, seal it  and send it back to us via The Courier Guy Company. We will pay for the cost of return and delivery of the exchange item. 

For more information please call our store on 076 562 9393.