Can South African women grow long hair?

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I've heard a lot of people say that natural hair is back. Really, was it ever gone?

And this is the reason why I do not like following fashion trends. I mean really, this thing called fashion is able to take away our hair and then giving it back to us again when it wants?? How crazy is that?

Dear your hair has never left you, its always been there with you. You just need to get to know it again - know what it is, what it likes or doesn't like.  It's a god given gift too - so, it doesn't matter if you are in America or in Africa, you can grow your hair long wherever you are - yes SA included! You just need to know:

  1. How your climate affects or relates to your hair 
  2. How your hair will behave or react to different products

I've been growing my hair naturally for over ten years. I've watched it grow and then fall again - overnight! Then one day, while searching the web, I discovered what I had been doing wrong: not taking my climate conditions into consideration. Then I had to do it all over again, and it thrived. 

So please be careful the next time you watch a youtube video. Always test the recommendation against your environment. You must also look out for how your hair responds to different products - it really doesn't take long to see if your hair likes a product or not. 

Though these two are the first and true fundamentals of growing your hair, there's still a lot more to growing your hair in South Africa than meets the eye. No, no, don't panic, I am here to guide you. After years of cooking things and putting them on my hair, just so that I could reach my absolute beauty state, I pretty much know what works and doesn't work. So, our first topic: can you, the South African born beauty,  grow your hair long? Yes, you can! 

Our next topic: Hair 101, Popular SA hair products that you must immediately stop using. 


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